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What to Wear to a Game in Boston

What to wear to a Celtics game

What to wear to a sports game, what to wear to a Red Sox game

Forever 21 NBA, What to wear to a game in Boston

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We've all heard the jokes about Boston's fashion scene revolving around Red Sox caps. And I won't lie, when I pulled on a Celtics hoodie this weekend, Mr. TBF was dubious. "How fashion-y!", he laughed. Look, there is nothing wrong with showing your fan-dom. Here's how to keep your game-day-gear nothing but net:

Don't double letter: Back when God was a child, I pledged a sorority at a large state university. I was pretty psyched to join, and was excited to wear my "letters" (the greek symbols that represented the name of the sorority) on my tees/athletic shorts/baseball caps, etc... (A good thing about getting older - no longer wearing athletic shorts and baseball caps.) One rule of thumb for showing our sorority pride - "don't double letter". The same applies to your favorite sports team. Wearing a Patriots hoodie? Great! You don't need a Patriots hat, gloves and scarf to go along with it. 

Pick a piece that fits: So many fan tees and sweatshirts are made for men or boys. These can lead to your item being way too big, or with not enough room in the bust. Plenty of companies now make athletic gear for women at a reasonable price (this hoodie is from Forever 21!). Fit is everything, both in terms of comfort, and looking good. 

Wear team colors: This advice can go two ways: (a) Don't have a Bruins tee-shirt? Fine - wear a gold sweater with black jeans. You'll look chic and totally game-day appropriate. (b) Considering a fan item in a color other than your teams' colors (ahem, pink)? Don't. 

Keep your footwear flat: I realize I'm a little outside the lines with over-the-knee boots, but these are comfortable and protect my feet from spilled sodas and crushed popcorn. You know what doesn't do that? Stiletto sandals. There is no place for high heels at a game. 

Up your game: A tee with jeans and a pair of athletic sneakers looks like you came to play. A tee with jeans, Chuck Taylors and a fitted blazer looks like you came to play. You know the difference. 

I know many readers are avid Boston sports fans - what do you wear to a game (or a game-day party)? 

CELTICS SWEATSHIRT: Forever 21 (c/o, tee also available) JACKET: Jessica Faulkner TOTE: J. Crew (also seen here) JEANS: American Eagle SUNGLASSES: House of Harlow 1960 BOOTS: Calvin Klein via Shoebuy (also seen here, here)

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  1. Craig's a big soccer fan, and I really like the scarves fans have! Stylish and functional :)

    1. Good point! Each sport / team may have their own specific items of clothing that are appropriate!

  2. Only you could make a Celts sweatshirt look this chic. I buy all my Boston sports gear in the kids department at TJ Maxx. The men's stuff is always enormous!

    1. Right?? Finding sports gear for women is tougher than one would think! That is one of the reasons I love this Forever 21 / NBA collection - the pieces are such a good price point, and they are made form women!

  3. Those boots!!!!


    1. These boots are super comfy, real leather, well-constructed and under $200! I picked them up through Boston-based

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