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New Guest Bedroom Design with Havenly

"It's a marathon, not a sprint." That's what my friend Michele told me when Mr. TBF and I bought our house a little over two years ago. Moving from a small apartment (with junky furniture) to a three bedroom home was thrilling, though suddenly our amount of space to furnish and decorate grew exponentially. Coupled with the fact that Mr. TBF and I have very different design tastes (I love light and contemporary, he'd keep a suit of armor in every room if he could), we had a (very fun) challenge on our hands.

We're finally feeling good about our living/dining area and our bedroom; my next priority is a room on our third floor - during the winter, this room serves primarily as my office space, and in the summer... Well, in the summer it houses guests practically every weekend! The upside of the room: views of the harbor, loads of natural light. The downside: extremely limited storage - no closet, just built-in, floor-to-ceiling open shelving on one wall. 

Here's the deal: I am good with clothes. Interior design? Not so much! I was a little daunted by the process (and perceived price) of hiring an interior decorator, so what to do? Enter Havenly, a service that offers professional interior design, all online. The process is simple. Havenly gives you a style survey to get a sense of your personal style (in this instance, Mr. TBF gave me free rein), then you upload photos and dimensions of your room to the site. You are assigned to a designer who works with you to create renderings and come up with a design you love for the room, and you can purchase the pieces suggested right through the site - no shopping around necessary! I'll be unveiling the before and after photos of my finished room in a couple weeks (you won't believe the transformation!), but first I wanted to introduce you to my Havenly designer, Amy. She and I chatted about the entire design process and just how easy (and cost efficient) it is to get professional design service online: