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Over the Knee Boots

Calvin Klein Gladys boots via Shoebuy (c/o); Boden dress (c/o)
Calvin Klein Gladys boots via Shoebuy (c/o)

Over the knee boots are on point for 2015, but I'll admit, they can seem pretty daunting. How do you style them without going full on Pretty Woman? I'm a big fan of pairing OTK riding boots with jeans, leggings, or a little shift dress. I was interested, however, in how other stylish women around town were wearing their OTKs, so I contacted Courtney Barry, the merchandising brand director at Boston-based

"When it comes to closet staples," Berry says, "everyone knows that there is nothing more timeless (or necessary) than a little black dress. Next time you are heading out for a cocktail party or a romantic dinner date, have your favorite LBD say hello to your OTKs! A glam pair of boots with a medium to high heel is the perfect partner for your classic dress."

Looking for something a little more edgy? Berry suggests pairing a high boot with a short hemline. "Grab a pair of suede boots and match them with some dark tights and a pair of tailored shorts. This look will keep you feeling fun and sexy while giving off a chic and stylish vibe."  

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  1. Ooh lady perfect timing! I just ordered a pair of over the knee boots and I was nervous about ways to style them! Thanks for the tips!

    1. Can't wait to see how you style them!!

  2. Big claps for the "Pretty Woman" reference. Also, loving the peacock dress!

    1. Pretty Woman is having such a fashion moment right now with OTK boots and white opera length gloves...

  3. I want to buy a pair of over knee boot for my wife. Can you suggest me best OTK boots. Please reply me as soon as possible.