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Yep, You Should Do This: Get Fitted for a Bra

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I know, I know. You've heard it's important to be fitted for a bra. But is the experience really worth it? You go into some bubblegum pink shop, a bored shop girl tosses a tape measure around your ribcage, and then points you to a bin of bras that are "your size". Not a pleasurable, or useful, experience! But listen, we have to wear a bra literally every day, so it's important we get it right! In Boston, the final word on fit comes from Intimacy at Copley Place. I asked one of their top bra stylists, Jessie Klapper, for the real deal on bra fit:

Why is it important to get a bra fitting?

A bra fitting is a different process than being measured. A fitting is not only based on your measurements, but on your body and breast tissue type. Think about it - you can take measurements for a pair of jeans, but the jeans may not fit when you actually try them on. Personally, I wear three different sizes, depending on the cut and brand of the bra. I remember the first time I was fitted, and purchased a bra that fit well - I was like "Oh! I don't have to adjust myself all day long! I get it!"

Are there any particular times that women should have a new fitting?

We definitely want to see women if they have experienced a significant body change - gaining or losing weight, or pregnancy, for example. But even if you have just changed your exercise routine, or your medication - your weight has not changed, but you suddenly feel uncomfortable in your bra - you should come in for a fitting. If you feel that your bra "just isn't right", it probably isn't! 

Additionally, you should come in for a fitting if you've had a breast reconstruction or a lumpectomy, even if you think you are the same size! The sizing may be different in small ways, and finding just the right fit is really key in accepting your new body. I had a woman come in, post-mastectomy, needing a tee-shirt bra. Seems simple, right? But once we got her in the right fit, she suddenly turned to me with tears in her eyes and said, "They feel like mine now. I feel like a woman again." It's amazing, but a well-fitting bra can be that powerful. 

I don't know how I feel about someone seeing me topless.

A good stylist will make you feel comfortable! We can put you in a fitted tank and assess you that way, then bring in some bras for you to try on. 

What are key bras that every woman should have?

Every woman needs a smooth, skin-colored bra that you can wear under a white tee-shirt. And you should definitely have a bra in a style, color or lace that makes you feel amazing. Really, you should purchase bras that fit your lifestyle (Do you wear mostly casual clothes? Or do you spend your day in suits? Your lingerie should fit that need). Finally, a strapless bra is incredibly useful. You'll wear it more often than you think!

You can visit Intimacy at Copley Place, or schedule an appointment online. 

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