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How to Wear a Fur Vest

Fur vests were a major trend in 2011 that don't seem to be fading (fine by me!). But this means that some folks who may not have originally jumped on the bandwagon might be thinking about finally giving a fur vest a try. I understand your hesitation - they seem a little tricky to pull off! But fur vests are easier than than you might think. The quality of faux fur has dramatically improved in recent years - you can find some beautiful faux pieces for very decent prices! Nordstrom, Diesel, Home Shopping Network and even K-Mart all have great options. If it's styling the vest that concerns you, never fear! Here are some easy, chic options:
  • Go Monochrome - Pair a fur vest with black or brown pants, top and boots.
  • That 70's Faux - Top a silky blouse and wide legged jeans with a funky necklace and a fur vest.
  • Casual Chic - Leggings and a tee are so boring. A fur vest takes the outfit from blah to voilĂ !
  • Go Glam - A fur vest adds coverage, warmth and style to a slinky cocktail dress.
  • Lumberjack - I love a fur vest over jeans and a flannel shirt! Add snow boots and stay cozy.
  • Boho Faux - Top a pretty, feminine, floral dress with a fur vest. Don't forget huge shades!
  • Shine On - Fur vests look pretty and fresh over a sequin top or a beaded skirt.
  • Lovely Layers - Wear a fur vest under (or over!) a preppy blazer for a layered look. 
Need more inspiration? Check out my Fur Vest Board on Pinterest. Or here's even more formal ways to wear fur. Have you been wearing this trend? What is your favorite way to style a fur vest?

See more ideas for wearing fur vests (updated Fall, 2012) here

Vest: purchased in Germany
Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Gap
Boots: vintage Walter Steiger
Bracelets: Banana Republic
Necklace: Mint Julep
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: purchased in Dublin


  1. Nice vest. :)
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria.

  2. unreal!! Love it, and --- nice stems!


    1. Great to see you Wednesday! I can't wait to hear about the Style Week Providence show!

  3. Anonymous1/27/2012

    Cute! I haven't tried this trend yet, but only because I'm afraid I'll look like a small child being gobbled by a bear...

    1. ha this comment :)

    2. Me, too! Alana, maybe a cropped vest might be better for your small frame??

  4. super cute and great tips. I am wearing mine to my sister's wedding shower tomorrow. Stay tuned for pics :)

  5. Beautiful style and great blog!I Like your work!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  6. Anonymous1/27/2012

    I've been lusting over fur vests lately, but I especially love yours! The tie detail is super cute.


  7. Hey! how are you?!
    long time no see!
    your blog still amazing ;)
    love the outfits!

  8. Feel like you got a lot of great stuff on your trip! I love a faux fur vest but have not made the plunge. This is the perfect shopping outfit though.

  9. Gorgeous vest! I have been waiting to find just the perfect one (in each color, haha), but whenever I do they are priced beyond my reach. It will happen soon...

  10. yay, the fur vest comes out!!! I've been hunting for a vest - I may just need to raid your closet so I can test the concept out and see if it's right for me!

  11. hooray! i love fur vests! love this