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Horsing Around

There are times when you need getting dressed to just be easy. Ok, most of the time you need getting dressed to just be easy! That's when it helps to have some staples - those pieces that you just love. This dress is a favorite of mind, partly because it is named the "Trotting through Tulsa" dress-  I love the nod to my hometown! This blazer a particularly great piece for me - I remember last year when it practically leaped across the Charles Street location of Crush Boutique into my hands. Finally, I love wearing items that I have purchased on vacation - they take a little of my trip with me wherever I go. So on a day I didn't have time to think about putting together an outfit, I just grabbed my favorite pieces and threw them all together! Do you have some favorite clothes that always "work"? 

P.S. Need some last minute Valentine's Day gift ideas - either for someone else, or for someone special (you!)? Starting this afternoon, I'll be tweeting What I Love for Your Love, a TBF Valentine's Day Gift Guide! 

"Trotting through Tulsa" Dress: Modcloth
Jacket: Central Park West via Crush Boutique
Stole: Purchased in Peru
Tights: Milly for Hue
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 99 via Solestruck
Necklace: Cimber Designs via StyleFixx
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: ASOS (on sale!)


  1. Whoa love those glasses! What a fun color!

  2. Loving the playfulness of this outfit! I would wear this out on a girls day with friends...not a bad idea.. :)


  3. Fun and cute! Glasses are too fab! xx

  4. Trotting through Tulsa - what a great name and cute outfit all around.
    Looking forward to your tweets this afternoon!

  5. That's what my closet really lacks - fun, go-to dresses! Somehow, I never ever seem to have any dresses in my closet. Don't understand how this happens. :/

    1. Oh little dresses are such a staple for me! Try Tulle, Modcloth and ASOS for some cute little dresses that don't break the bank...

  6. Anonymous2/06/2012

    Ahh, that horse print is SO FUN.


  7. So JEALOUS that you snagged that gem - so reminds me of our hometown! Alethea