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Ski Bunny

Who doesn't love a wedding? Especially a super-secret-flash-mob-style wedding on the side of a mountain in Breckenridge, Colorado? (Folks at Breckenridge, if you are reading this, sorry about all of the walkie-talkies, the folks skiing off the trails into the woods, the general craftiness and the comments about "kittens leaving a basket".) I'd been in a quandary as to what to wear to a ski-in wedding, and, at the end of the day, all the guests wore ski gear. But the bride! Oh, the bride was a vision in white sweater leggings, a white coat and a beautiful white ushanka! The groom wore ski pants, a tuxedo shirt, a bow tie, and a top hat. It might not have been the most traditional wedding attire, but one look at them, and I think you'll agree they looked perfect!

Thermal pants: Lululemon
Thermal shirt: Mr. BF's
Vest: Gap
Boots: The Tannery
Scarf: Jasmine Sola (now closed)
Sunglasses: purchased in Dublin