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Ski Bunny

Who doesn't love a wedding? Especially a super-secret-flash-mob-style wedding on the side of a mountain in Breckenridge, Colorado? (Folks at Breckenridge, if you are reading this, sorry about all of the walkie-talkies, the folks skiing off the trails into the woods, the general craftiness and the comments about "kittens leaving a basket".) I'd been in a quandary as to what to wear to a ski-in wedding, and, at the end of the day, all the guests wore ski gear. But the bride! Oh, the bride was a vision in white sweater leggings, a white coat and a beautiful white ushanka! The groom wore ski pants, a tuxedo shirt, a bow tie, and a top hat. It might not have been the most traditional wedding attire, but one look at them, and I think you'll agree they looked perfect!

Thermal pants: Lululemon
Thermal shirt: Mr. BF's
Vest: Gap
Boots: The Tannery
Scarf: Jasmine Sola (now closed)
Sunglasses: purchased in Dublin


  1. That is incredibly unique and fun, its always wonderful when a couple has a ceremony that is so THEM.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Oh phew! It wasn't as complicated as we thought it would be! Great wintery outfit lady. Also, yes the couple do look perfect!

  3. Super cute outfit! Were those thermal tights warm enough? If so, I may break down and buy something from LuluLemon.

    I love the wedding couple's outfits - such a modern take!

    1. For not being actual ski pants, the Lululemon leggings were SUPER warm - even when I got a little snow on them, it brushed right off and dried very quickly. They are also outrageously comfortable!

  4. Yes they looked perfect. A very unusual wedding I might say. :)))
    I hope you all had fun!

  5. How fun is this couple? Looks like a fabulous wedding and getaway. Original idea, so hard to come by in the wedding world!

  6. I adore summer but after seeing these photos, winter and snow are all I want right now :D It must have been such an amazing experience! Lovely photos! Love what you wrote, too :) used ski boots