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I've never been a big proponent of the large scale "fashion parties" where you pay a fee for a "glamorous night out" and you receive get a gift bag filled with pretzels and deodorant samples, some tiny plastic cups of cheap wine, and the opportunity to stroll around with five hundred other people to "shop". That said, I decided to go ahead and attend StyleFixx on Wednesday, May 11th at the Cyclorama in the South End. Why? Just call me an intrepid investigative blogger reporter, blogging from the front lines of fashion! Or, okay, I figured why the heck not, I'm low on deodorant.

Now that we've gotten the snark out of the way, I can tell you that, while all of the above mentioned things were true about the StyleFixx event, it was still a blast! All of the shoppers were extremely friendly, the bartenders were handsome (what?) and hey, one of my favorite shops, Ku De Ta, was there, with a wonderful selection of House of Harlow jewelery, and some complimentary earrings for shoppers.

The majority of the vendors were selling jewelery, and there were some great pieces, from fun, bright, funky bracelets to delicate gold leaf necklaces. I loved the leaves so much, I had to buy one from Cimber Designs! The women at Cimber's booth were cheerful and friendly, and made time to chat with me despite the crush of shoppers. They told me that real leaves are used in the design process - I think the outcome is magical!

There were also some seriously crazy shoes. I mean, would you look at these?? Actually, don't look at them - they may sear your retinas.

There were a few shops (like Ku De Ta) included that had clothing. I didn't arrive at StyleFixx until 7:30 or so (the event started at 5:00, I believe), so some of the booths were a little picked over. But there were still plenty of pretty, reasonably priced items!

And the grab bag was substantially more than I expected...though you will spy some pretzels!
All in all, it was a fun event, and one that I will do again next year. Have you attended any of these fashion "events"? How did you find them?

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