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TBF in Dublin: Day One

Check in wasn't until 1:00pm; it was 6:30am. Mr. BF and I had six and a half hours before we could take our post-trans-Atlantic nap. So we dropped off the luggage, and wandered the deserted, pre-dawn streets of Dublin. The city was quiet early Sunday morning - all of the previous evening's revelry had ended, and the church-goers had yet to awaken. We stopped at one, two and finally three coffee shops, watching as more and more citizens (and the sun) began to rise...

(You can see some of the photos from dawn in Dublin on my Facebook page!)

Jeans: Gap
Tee: Vince
Sweater: Banana Republic
Shoes: Target
Scarf: H&M
Coat: Max Mara
Bag: Michel Kors
Scarf (tied on bag): Fendi
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Gloves: Purchased on vacation in Peru
Earrings: Elizabeth Cole c/o The Bar Method Boston


  1. You look great!
    Enjoy your vacation. :)


  2. You look awesome! So glad to see you not wearing sweatpants, not that I thought you would. :)

    Hope you're enjoying your vacay!

  3. How fun! I really have to get to Ireland one of these days. It's supposed to be so beautiful. Is this you after an overnight flight? You look fab!

    1. Oh, thanks! I certainly didn't wear sweatpants, but I did wear flats that I could slip on and I could slide on soft fuzzy socks on the flight!

  4. Chic travel wear!! Great pics, def headed to fb to see more!

  5. So jealous. Vacas are on the banned list for a while, a la new house. Funny, the more I know I can't do something, the more obsessed with it I become! I can't wait to see more pics and hear about the adventures. It looks eerily empty in the streets...though good for outfits shots!

    1. Noelani, my dad was just telling me today about a town he had heard of in Massachusetts which was apparently the "second best place in America" to live. And! It was the town to which you are moving! I told him I would have to tell you, but you probably already knew :)

  6. Anonymous1/19/2012

    Hope you're having a great vacation. Love the layers you have on here.

  7. Super adorbs! I love the pants and those gloves and your sunglasses!! Ireland looks good on you!

  8. Anonymous1/21/2012

    Adorable! Love your pants & all your layers. I really hope to make it to Ireland soon - thanks for sharing pics!