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Guest Post by Boston Green Blog: EcoFashion Can Be Cute!

Ecofashion Tip #1: Shop your closet before the shops!

Special Thanks to Cameron Burns from Boston Green Blog for filling in for me today while I am on vacation!

I love reading The Boston Fashionista every morning for my daily dose of style inspiration. One aspect I particularly admire about the posts is that they often include ecofashion principles. Right now, you’re probably thinking “Wait, What?.... They do?,” but I assure you, there is a little ecofashion on this blog every day!  

Here are my Principles of Ecofashion: 1. Check your Closet – Before doing any shopping, take a good look at your closet. If you’re like me, you’ll probably find something that you’ve long forgotten about. It will feel as if you have something totally new without even going to the store. When I go through my closet, I try to use the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle mentality. As you pick up each article of clothing, ask yourself: “How can I re-wear this in a whole new way?” (The Boston Fashionista is GREAT at these ideas), and if not, “Am I ever going to wear it again?” (Time to donate!).  

Jewelery found at consignment shops

2. Check Secondhand – If you decide you do want to buy something to add to your wardrobe, shop at consignment shops, thrift stores, and vintage stores first. Do the earth a favor by preventing these clothes from piling up in landfills. Ever notice all of the consigned and swapped pieces on this blog? I have and I LOVE it!  

Who knew H&M could be eco?

3. Check the Tag – Before purchasing a new clothing item, read the tag and find out what it is made out of and where it was produced. This way you have the option to strengthen the U.S. economy and lower the carbon emissions associated with shipping by buying something made in the U.S.A. You can also try to avoid petroleum-based fabrics such as rayon and polyester and go for natural fibers like cotton and wool instead. Ecofashion is really a way of thinking rather than a specific look or specific brands. If you keep these three principles in mind – you’re already an ecofashionista! To learn more and check out some of the best eco-designers, here are some websites I recommend:
If you have other favorite green fashion sites, I’d love to hear about them. Blog surfing is always the best outfit inspiration!
Cameron Bruns is a blog contributor to Merida, the premier source for distinctively designed natural rugs with a conscience for sustainability. She also writes Boston Green Blog, devoted to all things Boston and green.