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Preppy in Pearls

Do wearing pearls and a cable knit sweater make me a prep? What if said sweater is kelly green with a pink pony on the front? I mean, I DO live in the Northeast! But I'm not a member at the yacht club (apparently, owning a yacht is required for admission). I've never starred in a John Hughes movie. I don't own a single item by Lily Pulitzer.

So maybe I'm not a prep (though I've certainly tried it here). But the fun thing about fashion is that, on any given day, you can give yourself a small makeover. Whether you want to be glam or funky, a simple switch of clothes can put you where you want to be! Clearly, I'm sartorially flexible. How about you? Do you have a singular style, or do you dress differently day to day?

Sweater: Ralph Lauren (swapped!)
Shirt: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Pearls: Gift from my family