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Preppy in Pearls

Do wearing pearls and a cable knit sweater make me a prep? What if said sweater is kelly green with a pink pony on the front? I mean, I DO live in the Northeast! But I'm not a member at the yacht club (apparently, owning a yacht is required for admission). I've never starred in a John Hughes movie. I don't own a single item by Lily Pulitzer.

So maybe I'm not a prep (though I've certainly tried it here). But the fun thing about fashion is that, on any given day, you can give yourself a small makeover. Whether you want to be glam or funky, a simple switch of clothes can put you where you want to be! Clearly, I'm sartorially flexible. How about you? Do you have a singular style, or do you dress differently day to day?

Sweater: Ralph Lauren (swapped!)
Shirt: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Pearls: Gift from my family


  1. Looks like an outfit I'd post! :) Love that preppy style.

  2. Love this style! It looks great!

  3. I also like to try different things. :)
    The RL sweater is great!

  4. Your outfit would look good with a pair of plain white sneakers but you made it amazing with those JC's. Now it's like prep hotness!!

  5. Shanna,

    Ha! Or dock shoes???

  6. You wear many hats, very well. Wait, have you worn a hat, literally? I want to see.

  7. Adrianne1/11/2012

    You are missing the Sperry's! I change things up every day because I get bored with the same look.

    @Hogger & Co - check out the Monday, Dec 12 post re: hat.

  8. i love that you play around with different styles and dont stick to one category! i don't even know what i would describe my style as, i wear so many different things all the time! i like the "prep" you tho, perfect for Boston!



  9. Anonymous1/11/2012

    Love the preppy look on you. You totally pull it off - I'd believe you had a yacht ;)


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