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Exquisite Imperfection

Fashion is so often focused on staying au courant that we sometimes forget to appreciate what we already have. This coat, for example, isn't new. It wasn't even new when I purchased it at Urban Renewals thrift shop back in 2006, though it was certainly in better shape than it is now. Now, its interior lining is torn. It's missing a button. But the beauty of this coat isn't just the creamy color and vintage-style tailoring, it's the journey that this garment has taken with me. 
  • This coat has been worn to interviews, weddings, the movies, the Bahamas, snow shoveling, a castle and a corn maze.
  • This coat protected me while I tumbled down a preposterously muddy hill in Germany (and made the trip home in a plastic bag). Dependable Cleaners proved their mettle with that one!
  • This coat has survived Mr. BF's attempts to sell it off to his friend (don't ask).
The point is, this coat is certainly not new - not even close. But I think that's my favorite thing about it. 

Do you have any clothes that are like old friends? When you wear them, do you think about all the memories associated with that garment?

Coat: Thrifted via Urban Renewals
Top: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's (for real!)
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Aldo
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: ???
Watch: Michael Kors