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One Person's Awesome is Another's Eyeroll

One of the things I love about fashion is that there is just so much out there - something that one person adores is likely something someone else abhors. Take my shoes for example. Jeffrey Campbell "Litas" are everywhere, and many people find them to be the ugliest shoe ever created. Then there are those (like me) who feel that Litas may very well be the ugliest shoe ever created... which is why they are awesome.

How about tights that make it look like there's an octopus tattooed on your leg? Many may say that no octopus tattoo is a good octopus tattoo. I say these tights give you all of the fun with none of the commitment.

And then there's this silk, paisley, tie-waist vest... Nicole Ritchie boho chic? Or 5th grade teacher? It's all a matter of opinion with clothes - and this is the great part - all opinions are correct.

What items do you love that others may find questionable? Don't be afraid to fess up - remember, I'm wearing octopus tights. On the internet. It can't be worse than that!

Shirt: Forever 21
Vest: Fei via Second Time Around
Tights: Tattoo Socks
Sweater: Swapped!
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters


  1. I definitely love your shoes. particularly, the color of the heels! adorable.
    have a Cupcake sweet day!

  2. Oh I just love the title of this post! And I couldn't agree more. We all have our own idea of what we like but that's what makes it so fun!

  3. I am loving this shoot with the green door and blue and brown - #winning! (is it wrong to use hash tags when not needed?)
    Anyhow, you're right, fashion is what we want it to be and it really is fun to play dress up.

  4. Hogger and Co. - I find myself wanting to drop hashtags into emails and other conversations!

  5. Oh my gosh, so true!! :) I have a newly acquired faux fur bomber hat that I am OBSESSED with, and when I wore it back in KY for the holiday last week I'm pretty sure 98% of the people found it ridiculous out there. To them I say, "Poppycock!!" :) Love your bravery girl! Rock on!! :)

  6. Anonymous12/01/2011

    Fashion is fun for these very reasons! By the way, you pull all of these items off just fabulously.

  7. um yeah I'm totally stealing those tights!


  8. first time I have come across your blog. Something about you is so electric! Happy camper!


  9. you can pull anything off! Those tights are so much fun