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Boston Fashion Week 2011: Mike & Ton

Michael DePaulo is already fairly well known around Boston for dressing well-heeled ladies in evening wear. After dressing Tonya Mezrich for a movie premiere, they teamed up to launch a line of seperates, Mike & Ton.

The seperates line was simple, classic and filled with lady-like details, like ruffles and exposed back zippers.

The line was beautiful, wearable and well made, and though I can't say that you couldn't find many of the looks in your local high end department store. It's extremely accessible, and may looks would transition nicely from day to night.

After the seperates line, DePaulo sent his evening wear down the runway for his own show.

The styling was exquisite, with glamorous hair and makeup, which, combined with this opening look, led me to expect some sophisticated shapes. Some gowns trended a little matronly for my taste, but some, like this yellow gown with a black rose applique, were a breath of fresh air!

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I'm on vacation until October 10th, but never fear, Boston Fashion Week Coverage, Outfit Posts and a Surprise Preview are all scheduled while I'm away. Be sure to tune in!


  1. You got to go!! Lovely. I'll be checking those videos out later!

  2. OOh how fun! Have a great holiday!

  3. i am so jealous of all your boston fashion week adventures! what a fun show :)



  4. Fun! thanks for sharing the vids! xo

  5. love the videos! xx

  6. How did I not see you there?? It was a great show! Have fun in Costa Rica :)

  7. These are some designers I would like to get to know better. I love the gowns so much! They are just stunning.

  8. There were some amazing gowns - If I had a lot of society parties to attend, I'd be calling this guy!!