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Boston Fashion Week 2011: The Launch

This is the search for the next up and coming designer...and no, it's not Project Runway. Each year during Boston Fashion Week, the Boston chapter of Fashion Group International hosts The Launch, a show that spotlights five new, up-and-coming local designers. The show this year featured a variety of looks, from teeny bikinis, to rock star, to glamazon!

GeorgAnnette Chatterly opened the show with some serious rock. Woven pants, tailored jackets and leggings all in luxe leather strolled down the runway, with the models looking like they should be carrying guitars.


Christine Lam's collection also had a little rock and roll, but softened by being tailored into rounder shapes with draping fabric. She played with a number of different types of fabrics, and gave a real interchange of textures. This gown is an elegant cut in a bold color, and her leather jacket (and the lace one following) were presented in unique shapes that still looked wearable. 


After all that leather and drama, Karina Bresnahan lightened things up with a swimwear collection that had everyone in the audience gasping (in the good way) with the first look...

I'm on vacation this week, and I saw this show the night before I flew out. Don't kid yourself, I totally rethought my packing scheme after seeing the sporty, sexy looks Bresnahan put together.

My favorite collection of the evening was by Mishal Kizilbash. Born in Pakistan and raised in the States, she focused on the interplay between east and west. Many of her garments were covered in subtle sequins (yes, there is such a thing), beadwork and bold, brocade shoulders...and yet nothing looked overdone. She threw a number of different fabrics, styles and textures into her show...and it all seemed to just work. I'm told she did all of the beading herself!

This is the look at the top of the post - I like it so much you see it twice!

The show closed with Candice Wu, who I had heard a lot about after her Beethoven dress was highlighted during The Liberty's party at Boston's Fashion Night Out. I was a little disappointed with the way the show started off - saccharine, ultra pink gowns in shiny satin with flowers just seemingly randomly tossed on...

After the candy walked down the runway, Wu decided to show us she can be a grown-up. When these next pieces emerged, I found myself saying, " now I am finally seeing what it is she does."

What do you think? Which of the new designers had your favorite looks?

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I'm on vacation until October 10th, but never fear, Boston Fashion Week Coverage, Outfit Posts and a Surprise Preview are all scheduled while I'm away. Be sure to tune in!  


  1. Great recap Kristen!! Loving all of it. Wish I could've been there.

  2. Anonymous9/28/2011

    Lovely pretty things!

  3. wow! I love the red dress! It looks gorgeous. Great post!

  4. i loove the red dress! i am going to the Avni show tomorrow night- excited!

  5. Anonymous10/02/2011

    I think you totally missed the boat in your comment regarding the designer Candice Wu at The Launch fashion show. I thought the night belongs to Candice Wu with her amazing ability to give us a show. Although the other designers were talented but there were no WOW factors in their show until Candice Wu.

    I thought she has the ability to captivate both the young princess with daddy’s money as well as the movers and shakers. In less than 10 minutes she was able to go from young and fun dresses to amazing gowns worthy of an amazing gala.

  6. Enjoy your vacation lady!! Sad to have missed all these gorgeous shows, but your summary made me feel like I was there with everyone else. Next year, I will make sure to schedule my vaca around BFW!!

  7. @Anonymous I thought there were several wow moments, and, as I stated in the post, Wu brought some, albeit a little later in her show. One of my fave (I put it up on my You Tube channel) was the gold gown with the fur trimming. Thanks for stopping by!

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