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Boston Fashion Week 2011: Emily Muller

Emily Muller was the first show to light up Boston fashion week, and it did so with a serious spark. Flowing fabric, parachute and tent silhouettes were all linked together with leather straps and buckles to create a dreamy, fluid collection. With luxe headpieces by Maxine in Trousers, each look was bohemian, yet sophisticated, Sexy, but innocent.

 Look at the movement in this gown!

The final look, a wedding gown, drew gasps from the crowd...Congratulations Emily, on an amazing collection! And cheers to Renata from Scorpion Disco, who helped helped put it all together. After the show, Renata tweeted, "Backstage at a fashion show is such a great rush!!! Consider me addicted!" Indeed. 

I'm on vacation for the next two weeks, but never fear! Blog posts will be up every day - this week you'll see more coverage of Boston fashion week, plus a little surprise on Friday. Next week I have something fun planned, a little project I've wanted to do for a while now. Please tune in, and don't be upset if you don't hear from me until I return...


  1. Ooh! You managed to get some nice shots. I just kind of gave up. Hope you're having a wonderful time in Costa Rica! See you when you get back.

  2. Anonymous9/26/2011

    Loving the BFW photos. I am dying to go, but I'm home sick with a sinus infection. Grr!

  3. LOVED this collection - I can't wait to purchase some Emily Muller clothes!