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Tiny Supernovas

Did you know that neon is the fourth most common element in the universe, despite being only a very small part of the earth's atmosphere? Well, it is. You're welcome. I'd say neon is in the top four trends of the summer, and in honor of all these fours, we have been celebrating four days of neon here at The Boston Fashionista. We started off with a bang, in a full on neon dress, and have been steadily declining in power with a neon skirt and a bright blouse. Finally, let's visit neon in very small doses. Here's some ideas on how to wear brights, even when you need to be mostly neutral.

A scarf is always an easy way to make color pop. A brilliant scarf or necklace peeking out from under a conservative neckline brings the eye up, and gives your outfit a bit of whimsy.

I also like this hot pink belt - a burst of color at the waist is often unexpected and can really accentuate the waist!

Shoes are an easy way to wear color because, well, you have to wear shoes. So you might as well wear fun ones! This is really my mantra for all shoes. And all clothes for that matter.

Another somewhat unexpected place for color is on your hair. A headband is an inexpensive way to try out the neon trend. Wear it with your hair down, or in a bun. Headbands look good even with short hair! Find one you like (and one that doesn't give you a headache) and you can wear it for any number of occasions.

Thanks for joining me on a neon journey, fashionistas! I'd love to hear how you incorporate the neon trend into your wardrobe this summer!

Dress: Calvin Klein
Shoes (snake): Target
Shoes (orange): Zara
Scarf: Runway
Necklace: Shop Mamie
Headband: H&M
Belt: French Connection
Watch: Michael Kors

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  1. My favourite look is the one with the necklace - goes so well with that CK dress!

    You always look so happy, so smiley in your photos. Lovely to look at :-)


  2. Totally agree, I have been on the neon trend hook line and sinker all Spring and into Summer. I have to agree, I think I like the necklace the best0 such a subtle pop of color.

  3. Elaine6/10/2011

    I love this dress and have it in grey. But one question: How do you not show the world supernova...when you wear it? For some reason, everytime i sat down in it, I made business meetings more exciting. I had to add another button.

  4. My favorite item in this post is the necklace. Second place goes to the belt (gotta love hot pink!).

    I've enjoyed Neon Week! Maybe you could do a theme week once a month?

  5. @Elaine Hmm, how tall are you?? I think you may be a few inches taller than me, so maybe the final button falls in a more acceptable location on my body?? Cause I don't have that problem at ALL with this dress!

  6. elaine6/10/2011

    Yeah. I am pretty tall. So I guess Mr. Klein really wants tall girls to show that whether or not anything comes between us and our Calvins

  7. Cute little tweaks to a very pretty dress :)

  8. i've really enjoyed your neon posts! as someone who is trying to wear more color, they are super helpful!

    dash dot dotty