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Don't Dodge Neon

We've seen some piercing neon the past few days! A florid chartreuse dress and a retina-scorching skirt are two ways you can incorporate neon into your wardrobe, but what if you want to go a little more subtle? Maybe you are tired of your friends and colleagues looking at you through a pinhole? I'm not suggesting we dodge the neon (the title of this post is sort of the ne plus ultra in cheesiness, no?), merely that sometimes maximum impact can be achieved with less intensity. 

This blouse is lemon yellow, which, while not fluorescent, is still very vibrant. It's easy to pair this yellow with basic black to make an outfit that is neither blistering nor bumblebee. Lemon yellow works with many other colors, actually, and really sparkles with unexpected color combinations. Try it with kelly green, grey, lavender or navy!

Just for good measure, I added a radiantly lime green necklace to this outfit. It is Neon Week, after all!!

Top: Banana  Republic
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Watch: Michael Kors
Necklace: Shop Mamie
Sunglasses: Tilly's

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