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Super Pink & Self Doubt

Sometimes, I think an outfit looks great. I even check it out in the full length mirror and everything seems good. And then I see the outfit photos and things look...not so great. That's how this outfit went. It isn't hideous, no children stopped and screamed "Dear God, what is that THING?". But these pants, that looked so good in the mirror, didn't look so good in my outfit photos. Meaning, in real life.

Man, am I down on myself or what?  Fun pants, fun scarf, motorcycle jacket; it isn't like I am wearing the proverbial potato sack! Get over it, Boston Fashionista! 

Okay, okay, I had to walk away and come back, and actually, I really like this outfit! I like the colors and the wide cut of the pants. But let's be honest, linen is...problematic. At least for a woman who dislikes wrinkles in her clothes. So until someone makes wrinkle-proof linen (which, at that point, it wouldn't be linen) I just need to see past the wrinkles to the beauty of it all. Life lessons, all taken from linen pants!

PS - Please excuse the plastic bins in the back. Mr. BF has a project that has made it all the way out from his project space to the balcony.

Geez! Raging self-doubt?  Passive aggressive swipes at the sweet, wonderful Mr. BF? Life lessons from linen? I think it's time to wrap up, because this post has achieved all that it possibly could.

Pants: Ralph Lauren
Top: Target
Jacket: Target
Shoes: Chines Laundry (swapped!)
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Michael Kors
Belt: H&M
Scarf: Snoozer Loser  (I first saw Snoozer on Holly Dolly and loved it!)

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