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Memorial Day Rock 500

My friend Heather is driving. A hot breeze is blowing through the open windows and the back of my thighs stick to the leather seats. KMOD is blasting their annual Memorial Day Rock 500, counting down the five hundred greatest rock songs of all time (culminating every year with "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida", a selection with which it is difficult to argue). We are seventeen and are on our way to Grand Lake. And as proof that some things may change, but many things stay the same, I was wearing something almost exactly like this...

Memorial Day weekend was the kickoff to the summer, a weekend filled with long, hot days on the dock; the girls concerned with the progression of our tans, the boys concerned with showing off (and the progression of our tans). Our days were consumed by splashes, Diet Coke, cigarettes and music. Nights were occupied by docking the boat at the catfish shack, and listening to Bob Seger, Patsy Cline, Frank Sinatra and Pearl Jam (we were an eclectic bunch). As we laid on the dock, staring at the stars, the summer and our lives stretched out before us, and we couldn't stop talking about how we were going to change the world.

I'm older now, but to me, Memorial Day still holds all the promise it did at seventeen. I realize this outfit isn't the most fashion forward, but for a day spent catching sun, beating the heat and grilling, it may be the most practical. What do you do for your annual kick-off to summer?

Cutoffs: Blue Cult
Shirt: Consigned (Second Time Around)
Bikini: Lucky Brand
Sandals: Shop 344
Aviators: Urban Outfitters
Bracelets: Banana Republic

Apparently comments are disabled today...Part III in the epic trilogy Driving The Boston Fashionista Batty. If you feel really moved and want want to comment, you can always head over to my Facebook site. Comments are back! I love you again, Blogger.

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  1. Comments were down yesterday, but I did receive an email from a reader that I wanted to share. She has some fun memories about the start of summer!

    "...Everyone would have their radio blasting on the same station, and the rock and roll was blaring constantly. Deb and I, along with dozens of other girls, would splash around in the shallows. Boys would drive their boats right up to the beach and scope out the girls. The cute girls would get invited for a boat ride. Debbie and I got lots of boat rides that summer..."

  2. Omg I love the porch! I miss the porch!! Too cute <3