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The Kindness of Strangers

It was not a good morning. My hair was doing that thing where it doesn't do anything. The first item on my agenda was a meeting during which I was going to have to tell someone "No", repeatedly. The cat was meowing incessantly to be fed a second breakfast. I stubbed my toe. By the time I left the apartment, I was frustrated and cranky, and my normal policy of smiling and greeting any neighborhood passerby was in danger of being overarchingly ignored. But! Then something happened that turned it all around.

I know most of the folks on my street, at least by face, if not by name. But that morning a woman I did not recognize was out walking her dog. "Excuse me", she said, as we crossed each other's path. "You look beautiful! I love your dress".                                                                                                                                
These words did not change any of the facts associated with my morning. I still had to attend that wretched meeting. My toe was still bruised. But my attitude had experienced a complete 180. A smile lit up my face, and by some miracle, it stayed there. I was cordial and prepossessing during my meeting. During another meeting filled with intense negotiation, I happily tried to address my colleagues' concerns. To put it mildly, I was simply better at everything I did for the rest of the day. So while I do not depend on the kindness of strangers, I certainly believe in the power of kindness!

Has a stranger's comment or action ever made your day?

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