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For the Love of a Frock

There are some fabrics for which I am a sucker, and lace is absolutely one of them. It is subtle but sexy, sober but sultry and incredibly versatile! This lace frock is one of the most adroit items in my closet; I have worn it to the office, to baby showers, on a date and even to a wedding. Not only is the cut and length universally appropriate, but the color and the structure of the lace gives it ubiquitous appeal.

What are the items in your closet that are universals? The dress in which you always feel beautiful, the jacket that seems to make everything look professional, the shoes that get you high stepping?

N.B. I picked up those Mac by Marc Jacobs shoes at a swap...

Have a wonderful long weekend, fellow fashionistas! I hope you all have lots of fun planned. I look forward to the Memorial Day holiday every year - it seems like the whole summer is stretched out in front of you, filled with visions of lemonade, barbecues and days at the beach!

Dress: Banana Republic
Jacket: Milly
Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Necklace: Guess