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A Day in the Garden

One of my favorite spring time traditions is the annual planting of the garden. Mr. BF and I wander the garden shop, while I ponder my color scheme for the year (Orange and purple? Pink and red?), calculate the amount of sun that reaches our small balcony (not much) and go a little crazy at the herb section (how many kinds of basil does one need, really?). We don't have much space, and everything has to grow in containers, but the annual planting always fills me with a zest for the smell of dirt and tangled, growing life. There is something so wonderful about the dead, dreary space turning into a vibrant kaleidoscope of color, after I finish all the planting I like to sit at my table and just survey my little domain!

Of course, the outfit is really all about doing the work, not looking stylish. These clothes are for gardening, not a garden party! So tomorrow, we will be back to our regularly scheduled fashion, but today is all about weekends and a motley bunch of vivid blooms.

Sweatshirt: Urban Outfitters
Cutoffs: Blue Cult
Boots: Target
Scarf: H&M
Sunglasses: Michael Kors
Watch: Michael Kors 
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  1. Ahh, look at all those beautiful herbs and flowers - I wish I grew some :-)

    And lady, I want your wellies! ;-)


  2. Those boots are fantastic!! Gardening is great! But I definitely do not have a green thumb lol.

  3. That outfit is way cuter than anything I would wear to work in the yard! Kudos to you for being stylish even when you're getting dirty!

  4. Ramon Ramon5/23/2011

    You look like a post-apocalyptic gardener, well done.

  5. Looking just fabulous gardening!! Those boots are gorgeous. Green thumbs up.


  6. Thank you all! I really do love "the planting" every year - all of a sudden I feel like it is time for a cook out. You're all invited!

  7. you are going to have one adorable little patio! i don't even have a patio for a plant :( i would love to grow a pot or two of herbs though, i might have to check out some basil!


  8. I love the location of these shots. And the shot of your cat is too cute.

  9. Yay for flowers!!!!

  10. Ah, I love how your cat is helping out! :)I also love your zest for gardening. I have a yard and while I'm always inspired to garden, it's the execution that limits me.

  11. I wish I wasn't allergic to almost everything outdoors, or I would love to have a garden when I buy a house! Cute kitty

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  12. Seriously the hippest gardening outfit ever. EVER.

  13. Thanks all! I can't wait to take some shots on the deck now that everything is planted. It all still has to grow in, but it looks SO MUCH better than it did last week. I kind of like how you can see our balcony come alive through this blog...

  14. OMG You look so cool in your Jeansshorts and Wellingtons your plants just have to grow.


  15. this outfit is so cute