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Grey Matter

I love surprises*! I also love "statement pieces". You know, those pieces that are so fabulous that you just wear them with any old thing and they make your outfit? So I was thrilled this Christmas when I found this amazing sweater jacket in a bright package labeled with my name (Thanks, Mom!). A sweater jacket is such a versatile piece - you can throw it on over jeans or leggings and look pulled together, or over a skirt and look like you're in a dress. A sweater jacket is also a great transistion piece - great for winter, or course, but also to throw on your outfit on a cool spring evening.

*Don't tell that to Mr. BF, or he will plan yet another surprise birthday party for me...

I also love monochromatic outfits. They definitely make you look taller (I don't look 5'3" here, do I?). And they can keep the line of your outfit straight and sleek, even if you are wearing something with a little bulk or flare.

Sweater: Christmas Gift from my Mom!
Tee: Gap
Skirt: Swapped!
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell c/o Need Supply
Earrings: Street Fair
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters