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Sailor or Safari?

I guess this morning I couldn't decide if I wanted to go nautical or I did both! And I think it turned out okay - I love the color and shape of this leopard skirt. Honestly, both a striped top and a leopard skirt are basic essentials in my closet. On those mornings when I am standing there, bleary-eyed, thinking, "I have nothing to wear", these items always jump out at me (though not necessarily together). They both go with so many different items, and they both always look chic without being stuffy. I read somewhere that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time, and I would think that stripes and leopard are definitely in my 20%!

I'm also crazy for anchors. I was a Delta Gamma in college (back when the earth was cooling), and our symbol was the anchor. Anchors are an ancient symbol of hope, but beyond that, I guess they always remind me of my sisters, some of whom are like real sisters to me. So I have a feeling that this necklace, while new, is quickly going to be part of my repertoire! 

How about you? What are your "go-to" items?

Top: H&M
Sweater: Tulle
Skirt: Vintage Stanley Platos / Martin Ross
Shoes: Melissa Shoes USA
Sunglasses: Michael Kors
Necklace: Modcloth


  1. Anonymous4/01/2011

    I love leopard and stripes together :)

  2. i am a huge fan of mixing patterns, it creates a real interesting look. you did a fab job with the stripes and leopard!

  3. The skirt is *fab*

  4. Thanks Suze, Brittany and Mrs.G! It is great when your "go-to" pieces that work well with everything else work well together!

  5. You look adorable! loving the patterns paired together!

  6. Anonymous4/02/2011

    I love your style! This is a great (and bold) combination. It works to well. I think what I like most about your pictures is that you have a genuine smile in all of them. You look like you enjoy blogging :)

  7. You are adorable! What great pieces and I LOVE seeing you mix it up and go against the grain! Original creativity at work! Way to go sister!!

  8. i think stripes mixed with a different print is my favorite of the print-mixings. i am a huge fan of the nautical stripes so i may be a bit biased but i love the cleanliness of it mixed with the unexpected sex appeal of the leopard skirt. great job!

    awkwardly chic

  9. great leopard skirt!!

  10. Thanks Jean, Victory and Suzanne - I really do love blogging, hence the toothy grin....but I also think my face looks weird when I don't smile in pictures. I have not perfected the SexyFace (TM). I'm not even close. My Mom suggested I do a "model face" post - but April Fools Day is over!

  11. @Lacee Swan

    Thanks, Lacee! I do love an animal print :)

  12. Love the animal print skirt! You have inspired me to dig my leopard print pencil skirt out of the closet and take it for a spin!

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