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Fashion is an industry of newness. Yet another style, trend, designer, and ever-increasing fashion shows, magazines and blogs focused on what's just been produced. Great for creativity, sure, but undoubtably not so great for the environment. Over 80 billion pieces of clothing are consumed each year, making the clothing industry one of the biggest polluters. An yet, hey, I get it - we all like to pick up a new dress, or need to do a little back-to-school shopping! That's why Savers is challenging people to come together with one very simple shopping request: replace one new t-shirt purchase with a thrifted one. If one million people choose a thrifted tee (instead of buying brand new), it will be equivalent to saving over 700 million gallons (over 1,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools) of water that would have been used to create those new shirts. 

It's no secret that Savers is my go-to for closet cleanouts (supporting local charities) and for finding chic, designer items at thrift shop prices. But I also "give a sh!rt" about my environmental footprint. Savers' #IGIVEASHIRT campaign highlights that small decisions about what we wear can make a big impact on the planet. Donating and thrifting can keep hundreds and millions of pounds of reusable clothing from piling up in landfills every year. And! This Wednesday, August 17th is National Thrift Shop Day. According to statistics, four out of five people say that they thrift (sounds like there are a lot of us out there). So I challenge you, readers, to head to your local Savers and spent a few minutes thrifting instead of fighting the crowds at your local mall. I'd love to see what you find, so please share with #IGIVEASHIRT and #RethinkReuse. 

TEE: Savers (c/o) CHAMBRAY SHIRT: Forever 21, JACKET: GAP PANTS: cabi (see also here, here) BAG: Coach (see also here, here) HEELS: Steve Madden (see also here, here) PHOTOS: Marina O'Sullivan

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