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Rethink and Reuse with Savers

Confession: I go through a lot of clothes. Shocking, right? While I strive towards the clothing motto of "quality, not quantity", I do enjoy trying new trends, and expanding my style comfort zone. Oh, and I write a blog that is comprised primarily of outfit shots, so there's that! In addition to all the clothes, my house was built in the 1650's, when people were considerably shorter and apparently had no use for things like "closets".

All this to say: regular closet clean-outs are an absolute must. But what to do with the items I've decided must go? Resale is an option, but who has the time? And I hate the idea of contributing to the 10.5 million tons of clothing North Americans contribute to landfills every year, especially when 95% of those items could be reused or recycled. The average person creates more than 80 pounds of textile waste per year - much of it ending up in landfills! Today being Earth Day, it got me thinking: donating items that you no longer want can make a positive impact on the planet. Which is why this closet clean-out, I am donating my items at Savers

Savers makes it easy to donate your gently used items and support nonprofits in your community. Each Savers store supports a contracted nonprofit partner who receives regular payments from Savers in exchange for providing Savers with community-donated goods. Over the past ten years, Savers has paid its nonprofit partners more than $1.5 billion! The process could not be simpler: drop off your donations of clothing or household items to the Community Donation Center located at your nearest Savers store. I like to drop off, then pop in and quickly peruse the racks in the store to see if any treasures jump out at me. I know, I know, we're supposed to be cleaning out, right? I kept that in mind during my last visit, when I dropped off three bags of donated clothes, and came out with only one item - this super chic Rachel Roy dress (for only $10). Too busy to drop off and shop? Visit to find a list of nonprofits to pick up your donated items right at your house

Curious to know which nonprofit benefits from your donation of last season's It Bag? Search for a Savers location, click on the store, and you can see which nonprofit partners the store supports. In the Boston area, Savers supports the Epilepsy Foundation New England

Good luck with those closet clean-outs! I'd love to see your Savers donations and/or finds - if you post them on social, be sure to use the hashtag #RethinkReuse!

DRESS: Rachel Roy via Savers SHOES: Shoemint SUNGLASSES: Fossil BRACELET: Tiffany & Co. PHOTOS: Catherine Threlkeld

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  1. Totally agree, the clean outs should go to Savers (in Canada we have it as Value Village), rather than simply discarded as waste.
    And I do love a good treasure hunting at Value Village! :)
    Have a great wee

    1. Sorry, I meant have a great weekend, hit send too soon. :)
      Xoxo, Victoria

    2. It's so easy to donate at Savers / Value Village - and it really does help keep items out of landfills. And I do always find something great there, too!