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We all know that accessories can make or break an outfit. The shoes, the bag, the jewelry, the... hair? Ever since Sassoon Salon Boston gave me this amazing cut, I've been gravitating towards minimal, simple outfits that let my hair be the accessory. I'm reminded of Vidal Sassoon himself, who believed that a great cut should flow easily with your natural coloring, bone structure and hair texture, and shouldn't take hours of effort to style. Hair should fit seamlessly into your life! So you can imagine my delight at the new TORQUE collection from Sassoon Salons. As you may know, Sassoon releases regular "collections" twice a year, all with a focus on precision techniques. TORQUE reflects a mid-century modern design, that is both beautiful and practical. The cuts are edgy and incredibly versatile (something I love about my cut), and really speak to the idea of "bespoke hair". If you're thinking about getting a getting a major cut, take a look at these geometric styles and see if something speaks to you! You'll certainly be wearing your hair as your strongest accessory. 

HAIR: Sassoon Salon Boston (c/o) PANTS: COS (also seen here) BAG: Coach Mercer Satchel (also seen here) SUNGLASSES: Vince Camuto SNEAKERS: American Eagle (similar) COAT: DKNY PHOTOS: Catherine Threlkeld

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  1. I love this chic cut! Every photo you've been posting, the hair just looks stunning.

  2. Oh, thank you, Molly! Sassoon Salons really did a great job. I've been so pleased with the cut - and it's easy to take care of!

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