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Ready for a Major Haircut? Read These Tips First!

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I was standing in front of the mirror, holding the frazzled ends of my boring, style-less, dependent-on-extensions-hair, thinking, "'s time to do something drastic." And it is a truth universally acknowledged that when you want to do something drastic (but gorgeous) to your hair, you go to Sassoon Salon. Remember in Rosemary's Baby, when Rosemary gets that pixie cut, and Guy asks, "What the hell is that?", Rosemary replies, "I've been to Vidal Sassoon." (Don't let Guy's jerkiness fool you - the haircut is simply divine, and Guy is literally in league with the devil.) 

I asked Lena Vinnitsky, the guru behind the fabulous cuts at Sassoon Salon Boston, what to do when you are contemplating a serious haircut. You may be considering the cut because you are unhappy with your hair, but Vinnitsky advises the first step is to focus on aspects of your hair that you like. "Before doing a major cut think about what you already love about your hair and what are the features of your hair that you would like emphasized", she says. Do you love the color? Like how your face looks when your hair is pulled back in a ponytail? Once you've identified what you love, it's time to think practically. "Think about the texture of your hair versus the end result you are looking for", she advises. "For example, if you want a style that is more straight, messy and spiky and your natural texture is wavy or curly, a little more daily work is necessary to achieve that style. Similarly, more styling time is needed if your hair is straight and you are attracted to wavy styles or curly shapes." 

In my case, I love the soft and flowy nature of my hair, but I know that it stays very straight, with hardly any wave or curl. And since I'd rather sleep the extra fifteen minutes in the morning than hassle with my hair, Lena and I opted for a simple bob that easily worked with my ultra-fine locks. "My recommendation would be to work as much as possible with your natural texture", Vinnitsky claims. "Sassoon used to say, "'If you fight with the hair, the hair will always win.'"

What do you think - would you ever consider a major cut?

Blouse: Vacation Shirt, cabi (c/o); VEST: Explorer Vest, cabi (c/o); JEANS: J. Brand, BOOTS & BAG: ECCO, WATCH: Michael Kors; SUNGLASSES: Vince Camuto; HAIR: Vidal Sassoon Boston (c/o)

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This post is presented by Sassoon Salons. 


  1. I was just thinking about an hair cut :)
    Btw love the vest!!! ❤️

    1. Hi Greta - Let me know if you get the cut!!! Cheers, K