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Boston Designer Spotlight: Jacqueline Lapuck Jewelry

Jacqueline Lapuck Jewelry

Jaqueline Lapuck necklace

Jacqueline Lapuck bracelet

Jaqueline Lapuck bracelet

Jacqueline Lapuck gives a new meaning to the term, "arm party". The founder and designer of local Jacqueline Lapuck Jewelry, Ms. Lapuck creates dazzling bracelets and necklaces from semi-precious stones and disco-ball style crystals. I sat down with Ms. Lapuck, who is just as polished as the stones in her very wearable designs. 

How did you get started designing jewelry?

I was actually in school studying sociology and marketing, and I studied abroad in Paris for a time. While I was there, I happened upon Paris Fashion Week, and I was like, "I don't know what I am going to do, but I want to be a part of this beauty and creativity". So, while I was there in Paris, I applied to Parsons for a fashion marketing program. And I got in! I really enjoyed learning the business side of fashion. At the same time, I wanted some bracelets that looked a certain way, and I couldn't find them anywhere. So, I started making them for myself. 

When did you decide to turn your jewelry into a business?

This is going to sound cliché, but I would be out to dinner, or in class, and everyone would ask me where they could get bracelets like mine. So when I graduated, I dove into the business. I started with building inventory and designs, building a business plan and marketing elements. I went to a lot of outdoor fairs, and I reached out to as many stores as I could. Now I am in ten stores in Massachusetts, and I'm online and on flash sale sites. You know, you always hear these stories about how people fall into things... I didn't think it would actually happen to me! 

Tell me about your line.

I create bracelets and necklaces. They are all semi-precious stones, like agate, turquoise, or crystal. I feel like working with real stones adds to the specialness of the piece. I source beads from all over, both locally and internationally. I usually work directly with manufacturers, but often I'll be traveling or something, and I'll happen upon an incredible strand of beads and create a collection around them. With real stones, no bead is the same, so all of the pieces are unique. I spend a lot of time selecting quality, special beads. 

How did you take the first step to turn your jewelry into a business? 

It was a lot to figure out! My first question was how to create all my inventory, and then networking. It's a slow but sure process - just from one trunk show I might meet one or two people who will become dedicated customers and they might connect me with other people. Determining a price point was really hard. If it wasn't for Parsons, I feel like I would have had no clue. But you have to factor in the materials, the time, the standard markup for jewelry - it is almost a piece by piece decision. It is important to me to be in a reasonable price range. 

What is one thing you were surprised to learn in starting your own business?

How important it is to be surrounded with people who are supportive and understanding! 

What is one thing you would like to say to your customers? 

Feel good about what you are wearing. Whether you are buying a t-shirt or a piece of jewelry, when you put it on, you should really love it.

You can find Jacqueline Lapuck Jewelry at these brick and mortar locations around Massachusetts and online at Check out some of my favorites from her line here and here

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Jacqueline Lapuck Jewelry

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  1. I love the blue bracelet with the studded hamsa!

    1. Agreed! She has such pretty pieces - and they are so wearable!

  2. Great interview, I enjoyed reading it.
    Its always nice to learn about a new/local designer.
    I also love a good arm party. :))))
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday my dear!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  3. Anonymous2/08/2016

    Love this article!!!

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