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Valentine Snow

These shots were taken on my way to the coffee shop this morning; I thought I would venture out before the next blizzard and have a café au lait and a few minutes with my book. For Valentine's Day, Mr. TBF is cooking dinner. I requested steaks, forgetting our grill is buried under six and a half feet of snow... oops! Who has a good oven-cooked steak recipe? We rarely eat red meat, which makes it seem funny that I requested steaks, and that my gift to Mr. TBF was local chef and James Beard Award winner Jamie Bissonnette's New Charcuterie Cookbook. Maybe it's all the snow - our bodies are reverting to cave men cravings?

Thanks to Vidal Sassoon Boston for this lovely blowout! One thing I love about Sassoon is the science they use when working on hair. I can never get my hair to hold cur, but  Assistant Creative Director, Lena Vinnitsky at the Newbury Street location explained how to use a flat iron to make the hair bend in different ways - resulting in a curk that lasted and lasted. Speaking of style that lasts, I love this wide cute crepe dress for a casual weekend or at-home date. Leave it to H&M to have everything from sexy party dresses to chic, draped pieces for the perfect Valentine's look. What are you wearing for your Valentine's Day?

DRESS: H&M wide cut crepe dress (c/o) COAT: Vintage BOOTS: Sorel Slimpack Riding Boots (also seen here) BAG: Joelle Hawkens Kate bag (also seen here) SUNGLASSES: House of Harlow 1960 FUR POMPON: Harricana par Mariouche HAIR: Vidal Sassoon Blow Out menu

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  1. my sis and her hubby are having steaks tonight too! nick and i had mexican for lunch :) happy valentine's day, love!


  2. Bless you for taking those photos outside in freezing temps!!