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St. Lucia Mini-Break with JetBlue Getaways (Part III)

JetBlue Getaways, The Landings St. Lucia, Boston Travel Blogger

JetBlue Getaways, St. Lucia, Boston Travel Blog

The Landings St. Lucia, New England travel blog

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We encountered the land crab at some point after the waterfall. A land crab does, in fact, exist, and this one was none too happy with us. We were hiking the Des Cartiers trail through the rain forest (in the pouring rain, no less) on our JetBlue Getaways Vacation and the crab seemed pretty startled that humans should be invading his (her?) territory. We carefully stepped around its tiny, gnashing pincers, and headed on our way. An hour and several additional waterfalls later, we were back at the base of the trail, where small, colorful birds hopped up to examine our post-hike bananas. We were soaked, sore and thoroughly pleased with ourselves as we hopped in the taxi back to The Landings St. Lucia.

After a sunset, aprรจs-hike soak in our private hot tub, we took our appetites to The Landings' Viscount Lounge for cocktails and canapes. Once the moon was high over the water, we indulged in a late night dip in the warm ocean. Around us, long, thin pipefish shimmered an iridescent glow just beneath the surface. That night, we slept with the balcony doors wide open. 

(As I write this, Boston is getting served another two feet of snow. New Englanders, you seriously deserve a getaway! Might I suggest you check out JetBlue Getaways right now?)

Des Cartiers trail, St. Lucia rainforest, St. Lucia hike

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The Landings St. Lucia

Ellie Kai, boston travel blogger

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While St. Lucia is renowned for its breathtaking Pitons, hikers would be remiss not to experience the island's rainforest, filled with lush, tropical plants and native animals and birds. The Des Cartiers trail is located in the middle of the island, and offers trails for varying levels of hiking expertise. Guides can also be easily procured, and offer interesting "inside information". 

See more of St. Lucia with JetBlue here and here. Interested in heading to St. Lucia? Check out JetBlue's amazing St Lucia vacation packagesthrough JetBlue Getaways

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  1. You're making me cry, also I have that maxi!

    1. Love this dress, right? Great minds, etc... :)

  2. We're hopefully going on a JetBlue getaway to Aruba on Friday. Cross your fingers- I hate this snow!!

    1. Hope you get out! Can't wait to see the photos on insta!

  3. I can't tell you how badly I needed to see pictures like this today. This winter has broken my spirit and your amazing getaways photos are reminding me the sun will eventually shine again!

    1. Glad to hear it! Hey, March is only two weeks away... and the Caribbean is just a flight away :)