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The Updated Metaphor Line at Sears

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We talk a lot about closet workhorses here on TBF - you know, those versatile pieces that can go from owning the office to the after-work cocktail party. I'm always looking for sleek cuts and shapes in trendy, modern colors and fabrics. Recently I've been finding these workhorses in some surprising places - like the redesigned Metaphor collection from Sears (yes)! From statement tops to skinny jeans, practical totes to glam skirts, it's a great line for women on the go (and aren't we all?).

One of my favorite aspects of the redesigned line (in addition to the price point) is the variety - you would not believe the large selection, and that's not even counting the accessories. There are casual tops and denim (never get spotted in sweats on an errand run again!), sophisticated jackets, trousers and blouses for the office (so you can dress for the job you want), and even pretty date dresses (like this little number). Most of the pieces carry an inherent simplicity, which makes them extremely versatile. Sure, this sleeveless red dress might work well for my office holiday party with cold-weather tights and a cardigan (and a leopard belt to break up the colors), but toss off the cardi and you've got a bombshell look that practically begs to sip champagne on New Year's Eve. 

The line tops off with chic, simple accessories, like these more-than-basic cutaway pumps and fancy-but-functional handbags. And to top it all off? Pretty jewelry and accessories to suit whatever your mood. My favorite? The gold hoop earrings that look so (dare I say it?) expensive. Finding an on-trend, affordable line with everything you need - accessories, shoes, jackets, dresses and separates? There's got to be a metaphor for that... a closet workhorse?

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  1. Love, love the fantastic pop of color in this dress! And it could not be more cute with the belt! XO


  2. Thanks Anna! I too am a fan of this color!

  3. I love the pop of orange with black. You really have a great choice. I am way too busy these days in gathering the company holiday party ideas for Christmas celebration. After planning the whole party I would look for my outfit. Anyway, thanks for this great inspiration!!