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There's been a bit of radio silence from TBF this week; it's because Mr. TBF and I just closed on a house! And we are moving this weekend! This was such a major step for us, and we are just so, so, so thrilled (in case the italics and exclamation points didn't give it away). See you all on the flip side next week - hope you have a wonderful weekend!

DRESS: Norma Kamali for Walmart (yes, Walmart!) SUNGLASSES: Kate Spade HAIR: Vidal Sassoon Boston

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  1. congrats on the house! i can't believe you guys closed & are moving so quickly, but how awesome! i too am a big fan of the norma kamali for walmart collection & cherish the pieces i have :) so, when's the housewarming? *wink*

    1. Soon! We have a fantastic yard for spring /summer!

  2. Congratulations on the house!! So exciting and so so happy for you :)