Black Out

When it's six degrees F outside, outerwear is your outfit! There's no harm in living in your coat and scarf when it's ultra cold - and wearing lots of layers. I'm wearing tights, jeans, and a black tee and turtleneck underneath all this, but at the end of the day, this is what I looked like to 95% of the people who saw me yesterday. 

Boston Tip: Invest in a cashmere scarf. (If price is a problem, check the after Christmas or end of season sales.) Nothing feels more satisfying in a frigid wind than a huge swath of cashmere!

COAT: Max Mara JEANS: Zara BOOTS: c/o ECCO SCARF: c/o Theory at Wrentham Village Premium Outlets BAG: Vintage GLOVES: H&M SUNGLASSES: Gucci


  1. love your coat and gloves. you look so chic, i have been wearing my huge puffy knee length north face because i just can't stay warm enough in my cute wool coats! they don't cut it when i'm waiting outside for the bus in the morning before work! :)

    1. I hear you! The bus stop has been VRUTAL the past few days!!!

    2. (oops! I meant "brutal".)

  2. You look so cozy. I've been dying in this cold. Please make it stop :(

    1. Alex - if I could, I totally would :)

  3. love your coat & gloves! stay warm! x

    & Pretty Things

  4. I got similar gloves from H&M - leather lined in acrylic. They're so damn cute, but they do NOT keep my hands warm. Time to invest in some cashmere-lined leather I think.

    1. I have to admit I totally agree with you! Although I feel like NO gloves keep my hands warm - I am always scrunching my my fingers in a fist INSIDE my gloves and then putting my hands in my pockets. Guess my hands don't have the best circulation?

  5. I definitely have to get myself a cashmere scarf! I love how polished these outfit looks despite the layers and outerwear!


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