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Selecting the Christmas Tree

This Sunday Mr. TBF and I headed out to Allandale Farm to select the annual Christmas tree. Mr. TBF has a knack for it. He can walk into the lot, swivel his head back and forth, then point to a tree and exclaim "That's the one." Sure, we'll walk around and examine all the other trees, but we always end up selecting his original. I guess he has a good eye! This year, it's a Douglas Fir, about six feet tall. It looked so beautiful in the lot, and it looks even more beautiful in our apartment with lights and ornaments! 

HAT: Grace Hats via Kingdom of Herbs  FLEECE LEGGINGS: The Fashion Truck SCARF: ASOS COAT: Target BOOTS: Shoemint SUNGLASSES: Gucci GLOVES: purchased on vacation BAG: Nine West, Swapped! WATCH: Michael Kors BRACELETS: pink: vintage, purple: c/o Wicked Peacock


  1. Ramon Ramon12/11/2012

    You look adorable, as always, peanut.

  2. Love love those boots!! xx

  3. You and your tree-picking outfit are just the cutest. Love :)