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Gray Lady

As I walked out the door in this outfit, I thought to myself, "I feel like the Gray Lady." It sounded sort of romantic and Victorian, until I couldn't for the life of me remember why I knew the term 'gray lady'. I tossed it around in the back on my mind the whole bus to work, running through classic literature and films. Was it Brontë? Browning? Eliot? No. No, I remembered term 'gray lady' from a made-for-tv-Hallmark-movie starring an Army Wife. Sigh.

N.B. 'The Old Gray Lady' is also a nickname for the New York Times. Sadly, I was, in fact, thinking of the Lifetime movie, and not the newspaper with 108 Pulitzer Prizes. Oh, the shame.

UPDATED 11:06am 12/14/12: My grandma also notifies me that "Gray Lady Down was a disaster movie (1978) about a submarine that rammed a Norwegian ship. Lots of tense moments."

UPDATED 8:12pm 12/16/12: Several readers have informed me that "Gray Lady" is also a nickname for the island of Nantucket. Cool! 

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