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Can you believe both this jacket and this dress were picked up at clothing swaps? I remember the moment I scored this coat acutely - some other woman had been trying it on, carrying it around. I lurked behind her, eyeing her from a safe distance - I couldn't believe she wasn't very excited about the find! Finally, she put the coat down and I swooped in and snatched it up. I've been wearing it constantly this fall - it's crazy warm, and I love that the bright colors give an otherwise bland outfit a kick. This dress was from a more recent, and much more relaxed swap at a friend's apartment. (Need a fun Sunday afternoon? Invite a few pals over for mimosas and a swap. Instant fun!)

COAT:  Circle T (Swapped! Similar coat here) DRESS: Double Zero (swapped!) CARDIGAN: Hawico BELT: Gianfranco Ferre BAG & WATCH: Michael Kors BOOTS: Massimo Baldi SUNGLASSES: Gucci NECKLACE: Daisy Dreams in Color


  1. the jealously over that coat right now...omg love! happy weekend!

  2. Love your find, and love your dedication to getting it!

    1. If by 'dedication', you mean 'stalking'...? Thanks! :)

  3. love the high-low hemline--so on trend!!

  4. What a neat coat!

  5. Anonymous12/03/2012

    Great coat! Glad the other woman put it back. The high/low hem on the dress is great too. It's a color I might not have picked but it's a great wonderful neutral. I like the no-risk aspect of clothing swap. It's great to try things. If they don't work, give 'em away at the next one (but don't give these away - they're lovely!).