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The Cowboy Way

Can you believe both this jacket and this dress were picked up at clothing swaps? I remember the moment I scored this coat acutely - some other woman had been trying it on, carrying it around. I lurked behind her, eyeing her from a safe distance - I couldn't believe she wasn't very excited about the find! Finally, she put the coat down and I swooped in and snatched it up. I've been wearing it constantly this fall - it's crazy warm, and I love that the bright colors give an otherwise bland outfit a kick. This dress was from a more recent, and much more relaxed swap at a friend's apartment. (Need a fun Sunday afternoon? Invite a few pals over for mimosas and a swap. Instant fun!)

COAT:  Circle T (Swapped! Similar coat here) DRESS: Double Zero (swapped!) CARDIGAN: Hawico BELT: Gianfranco Ferre BAG & WATCH: Michael Kors BOOTS: Massimo Baldi SUNGLASSES: Gucci NECKLACE: Daisy Dreams in Color