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Seriously. CAN You Wear a LBD Multiple Ways?

You've heard it a hundred times: The little black dress (LBD) is the most versatile piece in your wardrobe - wear it with different accessories for an infinite number of looks. Right, right, you get it. But seriously, as much as you switch up necklaces, it's still pretty much the same look, right? Recently the ladies behind local jewelry website Wicked Peacock and I decided to put this to the test! 

The challenge: Create two totally different looks, using one LBD, clothes from my closet, and hand-crafted, artisan jewelry from Wicked Peacock.

First up, rock n' roll LBD: We styled the dress as tunic alongside some (p)leather pants, funky earrings and a pearl bracelet (yes, pearls). To see our other look (totally classic) head on over to the Wicked Peacock blog. What do you think? Are the outfits really different? Which look do you prefer?

I've said it a hundred times: the best part of writing this blog is the people that I meet in the course of doing it. There are so many incredible local designers and fashion entrepreneurs - it's so exciting to meet the people behind 'what's next'. Like the wicked cool ladies behind Wicked Peacock - a Boston-based site that connects emerging and independent jewelry designers with customers seeking distinctive, hand-made jewelry. Silvana Costa, Founder of Wicked Peacock, wanted to provide a platform for independent artisans to widen their scope of customers, and to give the rest of us an opportunity to be introduced to new talent. "Wicked Peacock offers a curated selection of high-quality accessories from designers who often work in small batches", says Costa. "We also have some exclusive pieces." With all the focus on clothes and garments these days, I thought it interesting that the company chose to deal in jewelry. Costa explains, "Because style is so personal, it's all in the details. Accessories, especially jewelry, are those details. You can layer, pop, and texturize with jewelry, mix it up or stay with key pieces. There's a lot of possibility." Indeed, with over 20 designers on the site (and growing!), the possibilities are endless. 

JACKET & DRESS: McQ (ALexander McQueen for Target) PANTS: Michael Kors outlet c/o Wrentham Village Premium Outlets SCARF: ASOS (under $22!) BAG: Thrifted SUNGLASSES: Gucci MOROCCAN DANGLE EARRINGS: on loan from Wicked Peacock (under $60!) PEARL BRACELET: on load from Wicked Peacock BLACK BEADED BRACELET: on loan from Wicked Peacock (by Magdalena Stokalska)


  1. Love those gorgeous baubles! You totally elevated the look of an LBD with those fab accessories. And I love both looks, but I think I like the rock 'n' roll look a smidgen more :)

    1. Thanks! The rocker look is less my every day style - but I had so much fun wearing this on the weekend!!!

  2. Love this!.I actually have the same exact bag, which is pretty cool seeing that it's an 80s bag.

    1. What?!?!?! Shut the front door! Send a pic!!!!

  3. oooh- beautiful shots! i can't wait to see the other way you wore the LBD! i met magdalena during the lily & migs event- she is lovely, and her designs rock! you go girl!


    1. Wicked Peacock has sooo many great designers on their site! It was so fun seeing all the varied looks they have. What fun! You can check out the classic look over on their site:

  4. Anonymous11/01/2012

    Jewelry looks incredibly on you! Thanks for being such a fabulous model :)

    1. It was so much fun! I couldn't believe all the different, unique styles of jewelry available on the site.

  5. The jewelry is beautiful and each look is definitely different! I think I like the rocker look a bit more; it's just unexpected and fun!


  6. Great looks!

    Enjoy your weekend. :)

    Xoxo, Victoria.

  7. Oh how lovely. I love seeing you rock out my fabulous Christina Nicole Moroccan Earrings! They're one of our favorites for fall & winter, they look fabulous on you!
    xoxo- Ciao!

    Christina Nicole


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