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TBF Meets Turtles

Today, I am blogging something I never thought I would blog. And if you think that thing is holding baby sea turtles, you'd be wrong. No, no, the thing I never thought I would blog is beachwear.

I've never gotten into the spirit of blogging my pajamas, my work out gear or what I wear to the beach. Basically, my pajamas and work out gear are, well, boring. And beachwear? I really don't need my colleagues stumbling upon a photo of me in a bikini right before a big meeting. But I can't resist sharing these photos, even though I'm wearing a swimsuit AND a cover-up that was maybe intended to be sleepwear. And do you know why I'm breaking all my blog rules?'s what I wore to play with sea turtles!

Thanks to the Cayman Turtle Farm in Grand Cayman. What an incredible experience!

Bikini: Lucky
Coverup: Missoni for Target
Sunglasses: Tilly's