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TBF in Key West

Seriously, best week ever. My family went on a Caribbean cruise - basically a week of sun, seafood and strolling. First stop, Key West, where Mr. BF and I visited Hemingway's house. Sure, it was amazing to see where the Nobel Prize winner lived and wrote. But let's be realistic - Mr. BF and I really went bananas for the polydactyl cats. Apparently, Mr. Hemingway was given a six-toed cat by a ship's captain (how cool is that?) and became enamored with the animals. His beautiful home on the corner of Olivia and Whitehead is now filled with descendants of this cat, about half of which are polydactyl.

See a collection of my Hemingway cat shots over on the TBF Tumblr page! In the meantime, I'll be going through all my photos and remembering the sun and sand...

Top: Ralph Lauren
Skirt: Tracy Reese via Anthropologie
Shoes: Target
Hat: Vendor in Key West
Bag: Vintage
Watch: Michael Kors