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What I Learned at New York Fashion Week

I know. I've been talking about Fashion Week a LOT. And maybe you are Done With It. All the bloggers "covering" Fashion Week. All the tweets. All the streetstyle photographs of the same exact 25 people. And with live-streaming fashion shows, is there any real need for all this chatter? 

Let's put it this way. Say you are watching a presidential debate on CNN. The candidates are talking, sure, but there's also a ticker at the bottom, constantly moving bar graphs showing the reactions of a group of "undecideds", computerized maps popping up, polling that contradicts the poll shown only moments before...or you can watch the debate on PBS. They just show the debate. You're an adult. You can listen to the candidates and make your own opinion.

I'm no glossy magazine editor, or even a style reporter for a newspaper, I'm just a blogger who likes talking about fashion with other people who like to talk about fashion. The shows I most enjoyed were the "smaller" ones...because I could get an invitation, because all the "big" shows can be watched online and, most importantly, because these are the designers of the future, the designers who are really thinking about how to make art, not about what's going to make their LVMH overlords happy. And as the ultra-intense-insane hype of Fashion Week went on, these were the people who seemed outrageously, obscenely happy to be there. Joyful people. People with authentic smiles on their faces. And joy is always in style.

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Rabbit Coat: Vintage
Green Jacket: Thrifted Benetton
Top: Gap
Pants: Banana Republic
Shoes: Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo
Pearls: Gifts
Cat Brooch: Purchased in a thrift shop in Dublin
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Watch: Michael Kors


  1. Love the coat! Where on earth do you go to find such fabulous vintage fur and how do you chose the one that actually works for you? I've tried on a few but nothing seems as right for me as this and your other furs do for you. Perhaps a future how-to post???

  2. i love the shape of that jacket, that last photo is great! and i am so jealous that u got to go to fashion week, and i really enjoyed your coverage of it! i like that u got to see the smaller designers, im sure they put more effort and passion into there shows that any of those big guys!


    1. Brittany, Thanks! I am really glad that you enjoyed the photos. I don't know if the smaller designers put more effort and passion in, but I do think maybe we are seeing their ideas and creativity through a less filtered lens. To be fair, I am sure they would all be happy to put on a lens for the security of a serious financial backer! Some, like Son Jung Wan, are already huge sellers in their own right. Edun is now 49% owned by LVMH. But two-thirds of Wes Gordon's backing is out of Chicago (okay, fostered from a golf club in Chicago).

      For all the wonderful things about Fashion Week (and I loved it and want to go back!), it is also a spectacle, a circus. Everyone has their part to play. And don't kid yourself, I'd love to go to the bigger shows, too. But if I am at Alexander Wang, for example, or Marc Jacobs, what service can I provide to you, my readers, that you can't get a zillion other places on the internet? I CAN write about the shows that aren't on the cover of the Times Style Section, but are also really great shows.

      On an unrelated note, I was surprised at the friendliness and non-snootiness of everyone I met, but then again, I dwell in the very bottom rung of "importance" at Fashion Week. I didn't have invitations to several of the shows I attended; I just walked up, quickly and politely introduced myself, and 80% of the time they let me in. The point being - don't be jealous - go yourself! For despite being a spectacle, if you are really into design, it's magic.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Love your honesty!!! Great pics of you my dear :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I'm so happy for you that you went to New York Fashion Week, and jealous a bit. :) Toronto Fashion Week is coming soon, next month actually, and although I'm not sure if I can go this year, I'll try. I've been 3 times to Toronto Fashion Week by now, and every time it was an amazing experience.
    Enjoy your weekend. :)
    Xoxo, Victoria.

  5. Hi! You are so cool! I cant wait to read far more from you with regards to fashion. I just feel like you know so very much and know how to make people listen to what youve got to say.

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  6. Anonymous2/20/2012

    I've never been to fashion week, mostly because I'm a little bit intimidated by all the spectacle. But I suppose that's also what kind of intrigues me about it, and seeing my fellow Boston bloggers there kind of gives me the itch to go next time. Your coverage was great & honest, so thanks for that :)

    Also, I want your coat.


  7. Fashion week is better than Christmas for me. It's even better because it comes twice a year! Not to mention LFW, MFW, PFW, and Couture! Its just joyous so you can never talk too much about it for me.


  8. Well said, and so true - but I was one of those ones with the big smile on her face - it was so cool being there and I've loved all your coverage.

  9. Wow! The fur is to die for! I absolutely love your blog :)

  10. Love this look! The trousers and fur are too chic! Thanks so much for linking it up for Work It Wednesday!