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Son Jung Wan Fall 2012

Son Jung Wan may not be a name that one immediately associates with New York Fashion Week. But Ms. Wan is a global brand with over $34 million dollars in sales - Americans, take notice! Born and raised in Korea, Ms. Wan studied Industrial Craft before attending design school. After graduation, she opened a small boutique across the street from a major department store. The small shop earned notice as sales grew, and the department store offered her an in-store-shop in just a year's time. From there, she has become one of Korea's top designers. She's a regular fixture at Seoul Fashion Week; this was her first show in the Big Apple! A collection of separates, it reminded this blogger of a medieval warrior princess (You know, since I'm so familiar with the concept). There were a few misses having to do with oddly placed flowers, but the fur, the tough-but-pretty pieces, the hair... it was all delicate and rugged at the same time. Here's hoping the United States pays attention, because Ms. Wan has something to say.

Intrigued? See more photos from Son Jung Wan Fall 2012 on my Tumblr.  

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart!

  2. That hair! And the fur sleeves! Gorgeous!

  3. I love seeing new (to me) designers. I really like her color palette!