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Göttingen Girl

The 48 hours spent in Dublin was really just a lengthy (albeit fun) layover for the real purpose of our journey. My Oma's 80th birthday was this week, so my whole family traveled to Germany for the party! Mr. BF and I took a couple day trips during the week, one of which was to the lovely university town of Göttingen. We purchased wurst at a market under the eyes of the Gänseliesel, sampled some local schnaps, admired the vegetable and flower shops that lined the streets and ended the day with a doner kebab - maybe my favorite fast food treat. With on-again/off-again rain and sun, both a hat and sunglasses were both absolutely required!

(You can see more shots of our time in Göttingen on my Tumblr...)

Sweater: Victoria's Secret
Jeans: Gap
Boots: vintage Walter Steiger
Gloves: Purchased on vacation in Peru
Sunglasses: May Fly Dublin


  1. Such an amazing backdrop!! Usually no one knows or likes to really wrap a cardi-wrap. Looks so comfy and chic.

  2. You look so fantastic; I agree with Shanna-Marie- so cute in that cardi wrap!

  3. GORGEOUS! I have a wrap sweater in brown from BCBG..haven't worn it in so long. I feel like throwing it on with a pair of boots now. Hope you had a wonderful trip. I love the background colors too...makes me want to travel ASAP!

  4. I love that sweater wrap!!! It's so cute! I always see that wrap in the Victoria's Secret catalog, and I always want to buy it.
    Shasie of Live Life in Style