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Video Post: Alternative Holiday Party Outfits

Tired of wearing the same, expected holiday party outfits? Sure, a sequin top is cute. Yes, black and red looks festive. But after a while, we find ourselves bored with our party clothes. Why? Because our holiday stand-bys are everyone's holiday stand-bys. Enter Liz Kelleher Sells, founder of Sells & Co., located in Winchester and Boston, Massachusetts. Watch above as Liz and I chat about three alternative holiday party outfits (details below)!

Sweater Jacket: Charlotte Ronson (Sells & Co.), Dress: Charlotte Ronson (Sells & Co.), Boots: Dolce Vita Jemma ( [Photocredit: Sells & Co.,]

Casual to Cocktails: Sometimes you don't have hours to prepare for a party - you need your daytime clothes to transition easily into evening. This floral dress looks carefree under a cozy sweater jacket with black tights and boots. Once you arrive at the soirĂ©e, just shed the sweater and your look is champagne-worthy!  

Shoes: Messeca Coraline Velvet (, Dress: Dolan (Sells & Co.), Vest: Charlotte Ronson (Sells & Co.) [Photocredit: Shopbop,]

Regal Rebel: It's easy to add an edge to your holiday classics. A sequined mini may be costume de rigueur, but try adding a tough leather vest or a leather jacket over your delicate frock. Suddenly your look is a little bit refined and a little bit rock-n-roll! 

Bag: Stephanie Johnson (Sells & Co.), Blouse: Beyond Vintage (Sells & Co.), Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Martini Spike Flat (, Jeans: Work Custom Jeans (Sells & Co.) [Photo Credit: Sells & Co., Shopbop,]

Classic with a Twist: You don't have to give up entirely on red and black! Modernize the classic holiday color combination by adding small contemporary twists - studded flats and zipper details are a great way to incorporate trends into a traditional outfit.

What are you wearing to holiday parties this year?

Sells & Co. is located at 547 Main Street, Winchester, MA. The Sells & Co. pop-up store is located at 116 Newbury Street, Boston, MA