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Easy Holiday Makeup

--> Yesterday we discussed spicing up your holiday parties with some unique outfits. Today, as part of The Boston Fashionista Beauty Break series, we’re creating a fun, festive holiday makeup look, with the help of Erin Blair Gobin, make up artist to the stars! OK, maybe she doesn’t work on Reese Witherspoon (yet!) but Erin’s got a great grasp on simple techniques that the non-celebrities among us can use to create stellar makeup looks (see her post on 90 Second Makeup!). Today, I’m attempting what she calls “the sparkly smoky eye”.

First - make sure you are following the TBF Tricks for Winter Skin Care - keep that skin healthy and happy! 

Start off with your normal “face makeup” - Concealer / foundation / blush, etc. Apply a shimmery primer on your whole lid, followed by a glittery gold eyeshadow. You don’t need to use a delicate hand here, says Erin, “just load up your lid with shadow”.

Next, add a darker brown accent at the outside corner and crease of each eye. Erin notes that it’s easy to misplace the shadow. Take a moment to make sure you’ve relaxed your brows when applying – it will help you ensure the placement is natural.

Apply a non-sparkly shadow a little lighter than your skin tone on your brow bone. (Gently, gently! Here’s where you should use a light hand.) As someone who always just smudges one color of eye shadow all over my lid, I was amazed at how easy it was to blend three shades. Blending gave my eyes more depth, and, done in these neutral colors, didn’t look overwhelming!

The key product in this look is this Lorac pencil – and it’s easy to use! Smudge the pencil on your lid and lash line. Since we’re going for glittery, it’s A-OK to blend with your shadow.

Eyeliner trick: Erin suggests lining the “water line” of your eye – the part of your lid between your eye and your lashes. By doing this, no skin is visible through your lashes, so they look more full and intense.

In addition to the water line, line the top of your lid, almost drawing on your lashes. Extend the eyeliner out about a quarter or a half inch past the corner of your eye, angling slightly upward. Fill in the space from the tip of your eyeliner back to your eye, giving your liner a “winged” look. Add your favorite mascara, or fake lashes.

Line and fill your lips with a brick red liner, then complete the look with a brick lipstick.

There you have it! Easy and quick, this makeup can spice up any ensemble. I'm thinking I may try it with both ends of the sartorial spectrum: with a sequined top and with a simple, black sweater.

Do you try new makeup looks for the holidays, or do you stick with your every day makeup?

For more tips and tricks, visit Erin at!
Recommended Makeup:

Urban Decay primer potion in “Sin” ($19) 

Stila eyeshadow in“Kitten” ($18) 
Bobbi Brown eyeshadows in Ivory and Dusk Pink Flannel (in the Pretty Powerful Palette c/o Beyond Boston Chic and Bobbi Brown)($60) 
Lorac “All That Glitters” sparkle pencil ($23) 
Urban Decay glide on eye pencil in “Zero” ($18) 
MAC lipliner in “Brick” ($14) 
Maybelline lipstick in “Red Revival” ($7)


  1. very pretty and simple look :) Love it!
    I will probably try some new makeup looks for the holidays.

  2. I love to do egyptian eyeliner, or whatever it's called! Metallics are perfect for any holiday party!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  3. Anonymous12/09/2011

    Loving the eye makeup! You look beautiful :)

  4. Very pretty, my dear! I like the guest gate appearance!

  5. i am SO bad at eye makeup! i just usually wear a little bit of eye liner and mascara, but i think i can master your ideas! i need to spice things up for the holidays!


  6. @Brittany Leigh - I am bad at makeup myself - this look was so, so easy!

  7. Ohhh it looks so pretty! I have a holiday party tonight -- will definitely have to try this out!
    Oh - Fancy That.

  8. looks so pretty! love the winged eyeliner and a red lip!

  9. Anonymous12/11/2011

    These are the cutest photos!! And of course love the makeup

  10. I love this post! LOVE it! You gave perfect instructions to get the look and the pictures are adorable! You look so great!!!


  11. Thanks for the tips lady! This is a super easy to do scheme and I know it will work for my skintone too. P.S. LOVE the Mac Brick color - I forsee a new shade of red in my arsenal in the very near future.

  12. You look great! I'm terrible at eye makeup, so i always love a good tutorial. Great tips!