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Double Duty

It's that time of year when parties are frequent. So frequent, in fact, that we may need to attend several in one day! Yesterday I went straight from my office holiday party to a blogger soirée, then to a community event. I needed an outfit that would be conservative but fun, business appropriate but fashion-forward. I gave it my best shot with a black jersey dress (Thank you, LBD!) and a cute lace jacket from The Fashion Truck.

It is said that "to do two things at once is to do neither." Maybe we put so much effort into an outfit that is tolerable for all events, that we lose focus on wearing something perfect for an event. I don't think any of us have the time (or desire) to do nothing but dress ourselves and attend parties, so we've developed multi-tasking fashion (see: the ubiquitious LBD). But can multi-tasking clothes be really great, or are they just making the best of a tough sartorial situation? What are your multi-tasking pieces? Do they do well enough, or do they knock it out of the park?


Dress: J. Crew
Shoes: Target
Tights: c/o Milk & Honey
Necklace: H&M
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Coat: Vintage
Gloves: ?? Gift from my family


  1. Anonymous12/15/2011

    I had so much fun meeting and talking to you last night! But I can't believe I didn't notice those amazing shoes in person!

    Hope we can hang again soon :)

  2. Anonymous12/15/2011

    Totally obsessed with your outfit, and I will get to that Fashion Truck this week if it is the last thing I do!! So wonderful seeing you last night lady! xx

  3. @Chill Air, So Anthro - Thanks ladies! It was such a pleasure seeing you both last night. Alison and Katy throw a great party!

  4. Anonymous12/15/2011

    I think multi-tasking the pieces in your closet is the key to having a REAL working closet and NOT being broke, sad, and in the "I have nothing to wear" situation with every new event that arises. You did a great job putting together an outfit that could work in three different situations. LBD FTW! Love those shoes!

  5. wow! Love this outfit! The lace jacket looks very beautiful.

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  7. I think you worked three events perfectly with this outfit, being the multitasking QUEEN, that you are! So nice to see you last night, I'm sorry we didn't get more time! Have a great holiday and see you in 2012! I'm organizing a party in January - will send you an email soon. Ciao Bella!

  8. Oh, hey pretty! So sorry I missed you and your fabulous outfit. I'd imagine this was the perfect multitasker.

  9. you looked gorgeous--as always--last night, my dear! love the white + black + gold make it look effortless! can't wait to see you again soon! xoxo {av}

  10. Lady, you looked fabulous last night. It was a pleasure to see you as we both jumped from event to event!! Tis the season, right?

  11. I am LOVING this look! From head to toe, it is perfection! I especially love your sunglasses, so glam.

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend! :)

    sorelle in style

  12. That is such a gorgeous coat! :)

  13. Anonymous12/16/2011

    You look so adorable...and of course I love the coat! Such a great holiday outfit.

  14. Kristen I love this look...nice way to style a LBD!