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Denim and Leather

After a zombie autumn (the autumn that wouldn't die), it's finally getting cold here in Boston. I say this as if I welcome this change in weather; I don't. If I had it my way, it would stay sunny and in the fifties. Or, frankly, I wouldn't mind Hawaii style - where December brings an average high of 82 degrees. But! I live in New England, so bitter cold and snow are soon to hit.

I've been preparing by liberating my heavy coats from the back of the closet and dropping leather skirts into regular sartorial rotation. Leather skirts are a winter staple for me - especially skirts with a cut and length appropriate for the office. I wear them to work with a blouse and pumps, and then out on the town with boots and a tee.

Now that's it's really winter, what are some of your "go-to" clothes?

Shirt: Target
Skirt: Ann Taylor (1980's)
Necklace: Shop Mamie
Watch: Michael Kors
Coat: Vintage
Gloves: ?? A gift from my family
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters


  1. This is still warm for us - Toronto is way colder, so I'm chilling in my light coats :) My sister got me a leather skirt, and I'd love to wear it soon! Are those tights really called that? hahaha! Looking forward to seeing you at the Boston Bloggers Holiday fiesta tonight!

  2. @Hogger and Co. What's bad is that I know it's only starting. The start of every winter, it hits 40, and I think, "Oh, this is so cold - I'll never make it through the whole winter!" Then April comes, it hits 40, and I'm like "40 degrees! That's practically balmy!"

    And YES, this is what the tights are called! They were sent by Milk & Honey for me to review. The idea is that you don't have the "spill out over your tights" issue you can get with, well, tights. I'm not sure if they are intended to be Spanx-like, but I get minimal control from them. And they are one size fits all, so, if I am walking for a long time, they start to droop just a bit. But they are very soft, smooth and comfortable, and they definitely don't cause "tights bulge" (okay, fine, I'll say it: Muffin Top). :)

  3. Anonymous12/14/2011

    Oooh I love the look of the leather skirt! So great with that denim shirt too. I think I have some investments to make!

  4. Ramon Ramon12/14/2011

    Muffins are tasty!

  5. Ooohh, I love the 80s Ann Taylor skirt, LOVE! Also, the no muffin top tights are something I'll have to try!

  6. Anonymous12/14/2011

    That leather skirt is amazing!

  7. This skirt is SO fabulous...and so is that it!

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. Anonymous12/14/2011

    Thanks for checking out our NO MORE MUFFIN TOP tights! They aren't supposed to provide control, rather be SUPER comfortable and not feel like you have a guillotine around your waist. Our goal was to make the tights feel and look invisible. Glad you like them!


  9. I refuse to stop wearing skirts and dresses just because it is cold. And no, we agree that tights are little like pants, but they are the first line of defense, and my staple in the cooler months!

  10. My winter go-to is scarves. I'm wearing one now! I love that they add a splash of color or texture to an outfit..while keeping you warm.