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Take Me Home With You

Have you ever had the experience of walking into store, and immediately being drawn in by a garment? Some item, for whatever reason, strikes your fancy, and you just can't walk away. You pause, you eye the garment, you slowly run the fabric between your fingers... Finally, you give in and delightedly carry your new treasure to the register. That's what happened to me when I saw this coat dress in a thrift shop window - it called out, no, it screamed out to me from the display! (Seriously, look at that pattern. The screaming is believable now, isn't it?)

I really had no idea how I was going to wear it, but I was crazy for the color, the geometric shapes and the sleeve length. I've since tried it as jacket, and then yesterday as a dress. Now I am thinking I want to have it lined with hot pink or turquoise silk (an alteration that will undoubtedly cost more than the thrift shop price of the dress). When is a time an item called out to you? Did you snatch it up immediately, or did you try to wait?

Dress: Vintage
Boots: vintage Walter Steiger
Scarf: H&M
Trench: Zara
Watch: Michael Kors
Socks: Betsey Johnson
Earrings: gift from my Mom & Dad
Sunglasses: Tilly's


  1. YES! It has happened to me! Last time this happened to me was just couple of weeks ago when I just had to get a sweater dress. It was calling out to me and I couldn´t resist :)
    Love your outfit!

  2. Anonymous11/17/2011

    I don't normally love geometric patterns, but that dress is FAB, and it looks awesome on you.

  3. WOW! Love the boots


  4. It looks so wonderful on you; I've had that happen and yep, made that purchase!

  5. cute outfit, love the print on that dress!
    My Fashion Bug

  6. @Miss L, Hogger & Co. Maybe we should ask, "How often does this happen to you" as opposed to "Has this ever happened...?" Ha!

  7. Anonymous11/17/2011

    ooh a silk lining would be such a pretty touch! This is a great find and they way you styled it looks so chic.

  8. I love midi dresses. Looks so silky and comfy and lining it with hot pink would make it even better! I feel that way about a million pieces at LIT. I'm just being good and saving. Damn me and my responsible self. lol

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